Noise Survey for Lasalle

Providing professional Noise Survey services to the Lasalle area and beyond, at IES Consulting Group we have over 25 years of experience Noise Surveying. Ensure your Lasalle organization meets legislative requirements by working with our noise survey team, ensuring you provide adequate protection to all of your workers, keeping them safe from the long-term effects of excessive noise exposure, in line with Ontario Regulation 381/15.

Along with highlighting targeted work areas of concern, a noise survey can also identify where additional noise measurements may need to occur.

What Our Noise Survey Service Is About

Along with measuring noise levels, a workplace hearing conservation program is used to determine your workers exposure to noise. When it comes to determining whether your current hearing protection is keeping your workers safe from danger, a noise survey remains a crucial step in the process.

Using integrated sound level meters and personal dosimeters, we are able to perform an accurate noise survey. In order to give you a thorough understanding of the noise levels within your Lasalle facility, your noise survey can cover a specific area, or target a range of areas.

Begin Your Noise Survey Process Today

If your facility is local to Lasalle, Ontario, we on hand to assist, call 519.256.8388 and let our noise survey specialists start the process today.