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IES offers a Health and Safety Online Management Program (HSO) that perfectly complements many of our services. HSO offers several useful functions that will save your company time and money. Whether you choose to utilize one, or all of HSO’s functions, there is no additional access fees.

HSO is an easy-to-use, environmentally friendly, paperless database accessible from anywhere your staff have internet. Access can be granted per login, based on client needs (i.e., read-only, or full access). There is no limit to how many logins can be created under each company. HSO offers the following functions:

  • Designated Substances, Hazardous Materials, and Indoor Air Quality Management Software
    – Access to all assessment and inspection reports for each designated site.
    – Easily download reports in PDF format.
    – Asbestos Abatement and Remediation Tracking Database.
    – Site assessment data broken down in a location-by-location format, allowing your staff to view one location at a time, or an entire site.
  • Simultaneous access to floorplans and location data charts to enable a clear view of materials in specific locations.
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) Management Database
    – Quickly upload, view, and download 1000’s of Safety Data Sheets (SDS’) relevant to your current needs.
    – The database can be subdivided per site, per operation, per function and even by location.
    – We can utilize your current WHMIS Management Plan or develop new site-specific plans, at client request.
    – Whether you have 5 SDS’ to manage or 10,000, our database can keep you legislatively compliant and save you time and money.
  • Worker Training Tracking
    – Instant access to all worker training certificates, separated by designated site.
    – Training reminders when required training is nearing expiry sent directly to a chosen contact(s).
  • Injury Reports, Near Miss Reports and Risk Analysis Repository
    – A repository to organize and store specific site reporting (including accident and injury reports, near miss reports, job hazard analysis, Ministry of Labour field visit reports, stop work orders, etc.).
    – All reports are broken down by site for easy navigation.

Whether you have one site or hundreds, HSO can help you manage your staff and facilities quickly and easily.

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