Noise Survey for Harrow

At IES Consulting Group we proudly provide professional Noise Survey services to the Harrow area and beyond. With over 25 years of Noise Survey experience, our noise survey team is able to work with your Harrow organization to meet legislative requirements, giving you the information needed to keep your workers properly protected from long-term effects brought on by excessive noise exposure, keeping you in line with Ontario Regulation 381/15.

Highlighting specific work areas that show potential risk, a noise survey is also used to target areas where additional noise measurements may be required.

Find Out About Our Noise Survey Service

The most important parts of a workplace hearing conservation program remain to accurately measuring noise levels while determining your workers exposure to noise. A noise survey is also an important step when determining if your hearing protection is adequately protecting your workers.

Our noise surveys are completed using integrated sound level meters or personal dosimeters. A noise survey is able to provide thorough results, targeting a specific area or a broader range of areas to ensure you have an accurate measurement of the noise levels within your Harrow facility.

Organize Your Noise Survey Today

If you are in Harrow, Ontario our noise survey specialists are on hand to assist, phone us 519.256.8388 today.

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