Noise Level Testing Service for Tecumseh

We proudly provide professional noise level testing services to the Tecumseh area. At IES Consulting Group we offer over 25 years of noise testing experience with a respected history in the noise level testing field. Ready to ensure your Tecumseh business is in line with Ontario Regulation 381/15, our noise testing professionals assist you in fully protecting your respected team members from the hazards of noise exposure.

Informed Noise Level Testing

We perform our noise level testing with help from dosimeters or integrated sound level metering equipment. Completed within a set area, or within a number of areas for in-depth information, noise level testing is able to provide accurate reading on the noise levels within your Tecumseh location.

A crucial step required within a workplace hearing conservation program, measuring noise levels is also a key part in maintaining the safety of your team members. Not only is noise level testing used to measure noise levels, it also helps determine whether or not your current hearing protection equipment is providing proper protection.

Start Your Noise Level Test Today

Our expert noise level testing team is ready to provide assistance today. Phone us at 519.256.8388 and start planning with one of our noise level testers today.