Mould Testing Service Amherstburg

Our team of mould testers are experts, fully trained and certified in testing for both the quantity and type of airborne mould spores that could be impacting your Amherstburg location. We are your local Amherstburg experts, having more than 25 years experience providing advanced mould testing services, and we know just how much your indoor air quality can be reduced with the presence of mould spores, potentially triggering serious health conditions in susceptible individuals. IES Consulting Group is here to get you started on the path to remediation, with 3-5 day or 1-2 day results available.

Effective Mould Testing

As we have lower overhead than our larger competitors, at IES we work hard to offer professional mould testing services to Amherstburg, Ontario at rates that are more affordable. When visiting your Amherstburg location, our mould testing experts take bulk samples and tape lifts from materials and areas showing potential mould growth. When these samples are tested, we are able to provide you with the results, determining the type of mould present, along with the scope of mould growth.

Easily Understood Test Results

For accurate results, our mould samples are tested at an accredited laboratory. Following analysis of the mould samples, we are able to provide you with easy to understand results using straight-forward terms. We can also assist with recommendations for mould remediation for your Amherstburg location, guiding you towards improving the air quality of your building. When our results flag mould related issues, we can also provide you with assistance by recommending a suitable mould removal specialist near the Amherstburg, Ontario area, ensuring you can start addressing your mould issue promptly and professionally.

Accessible Amherstburg Mould Testing

We are ready to ensure your mould testing needs are met. If your building can be found in the Amherstburg, Ontario area, call our office and we can address your mould testing needs today. 519.256.8388