Mould Sampling Service Tecumseh

Providing thorough mould sampling services, IES Consulting Group has been serving the Tecumseh, Ontario area for over 25 years. With a team of fully trained and certified mould sampling specialists, we are skilled in determining both the type and amount of mould spores that may be haunting your Tecumseh location. Mould spores pose a hazard, as they can reduce indoor air quality and cause serious health effects in susceptible individuals in just a short period of time. IES is able to assist you, depending on your needs can offer 3-5 day and 1-2 day turn-around times.

Targeted Mould Sampling

IES works hard to provide targeted mould sampling services to the Tecumseh area at affordable rates, as we carry less overhead than larger competitors. Our mould sampling specialists are skilled in collecting air, bulk, or tape lift samples from areas within your Tecumseh location that appear to be affected by mould growth. When testing is completed, we can establish what type of mould is present, along with the volume of mould growth within the sampled area.

Easier Mould Sampling Results

For the most accurate results, our mould samples are analyzed at an accredited laboratory. When the analysis is completed on the mould samples, we provide you with results that are ready to understand. We can also offer you recommendations for mould remediation at your Tecumseh location, giving you guidance on air quality improvements. If a concern is highlighted within our mould sampling, we can recommend a suitable mould removal specialist for you near Tecumseh, Ontario, who can focus on professionally resolving your mould issue.

Benefit From Our Mould Sampling Service

If you are looking to review your mould sampling needs in Tecumseh, Ontario, call 519.256.8388 and let us help you today.

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