Designated Substance Survey Kingsville

IES Consulting Group serves Kingsville and surrounding area, with more than 25 years experience providing professional Designated Substance Surveys (DSS). We work hard to provide you with an efficient and thorough Designated Substance Survey, helping to keep your renovation or demolition project moving along promptly.

Why Require A Designated Substance Survey (DSS)?

A Designated Substance Survey is able to identify all designated substances present, and also their location, quantity, and condition. The results from a Designated Substance Survey help you discover the appropriate steps to take to ensure the level of exposure to individuals in and around the project area is controlled.

Discovering More About Designated Substance Surveys

Any project sites based throughout Ontario, even within Kingsville, are required by the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act to compile an exhaustive list of any designated substances present within their Tilbury / Ontario building. Provided to all bidders at the tendering stage, this list of designated substances is also required to be made easily available to any individuals who are within the vicinity.

If designated substances within your Kingsville building are currently in poor condition, these substances have the ability to harm individuals who are working within the building, along with individuals found within the immediate area. In the Province of Ontario there are eleven substances that have been ‘designated’: silica, lead, ethylene oxide, benzene, arsenic, vinyl chloride, mercury, isocyanates, coke oven emissions, asbestos, and acrylonitrile. Most commonly found in building materials used in homes, offices, and commercial buildings in Tilbury are the following four designated substances: Lead, Asbestos, Silica, and Mercury.

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