Asbestos Sampling Service Kingsville

IES Consulting Group serves Kingsville and surrounding areas, providing professional Asbestos sampling services for over 25 years. Our team of Asbestos sampling experts are trained and certified, ready to complete thorough Asbestos sampling services to help you determine if Asbestos can be found in the air or building materials at your location.

Included in our selection of Asbestos sampling offered to Kingsville are Pre-abatement containment inspections, occupied air sampling happening during and after Asbestos abatement activities, visual inspections post abatement, and also Type 3 Aggressive air clearances.

Complete Asbestos Sampling for Kingsville

When visiting your Kingsville location for Asbestos sampling, we collect samples from a number of materials to test for Asbestos, including but not limited to: drywall, insulation materials, plaster, cement siding, flooring, and roofing. We obtain accurate results by sending sampled materials to an accredited laboratory detailed analysis.

Progressive Interior Asbestos Air Sampling

We use advanced air sampling equipment that is industry recognized, allowing us to efficiently sample interior air space for potential Asbestos fibres at your Kingsville location. We take the air sampling results and compare them to standard Occupational Exposure Limits, providing you with a report written in everyday terms that is easy to understand.

Why Sampling For Asbestos Remains Important

Asbestos-containing materials can shed microscopic fibres that can lead to many serious diseases if they are inhaled into the lungs, including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and scarring of the lung tissue, which is why it remains vital to test the interior spaces of your Kingsville location to determine whether or not there are safe levels of airborne Asbestos.

Inquire About Our Asbestos Sampling Services Today

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