Asbestos Assessment / Survey Leamington

We are proud to be your local Asbestos assessment experts for the Leamington area, providing prompt and professional Asbestos assessment / surveys. With a team of Asbestos assessment experts who are always fully trained and certified, we can complete in-depth intrusive and non-intrusive Asbestos assessments/surveys in Leamington, Ontario and beyond. If your building underwent the construction process before 1995, Asbestos containing materials could very well have been used in the process. Realtor and clients alike dealing with a prospective real estate transaction can also benefit from determining if Asbestos is present, helping avoid expensive Asbestos abatement at a later date.

Key Asbestos Assessment / Surveys

Asbestos-containing materials let off dangerous microscopic fibers when disturbed, which can trigger serious health concerns when inhaled into the lungs. Continued exposure creates scarring of the lung tissue which eventually leads to asbestosis and/or mesothelioma. This is why, prior to commencing any renovation or demolition project, you ensure the interior spaces of your Leamington location are thoroughly assessed and surveyed.

In-Depth Asbestos Assessments for Leamington

Completing an intrusive asbestos assessment is a requirement when a building owner wants to start development that may impact asbestos-containing materials or other designated substances. Sampling and analyzing any material suspected to contain asbestos is a part of an ‘intrusive asbestos assessment’, helping determine if any materials found within your Leamington location contain asbestos.

Complete Non-Intrusive Asbestos Assessment for Leamington

A ‘non-intrusive asbestos assessment’, a legal obligation for any commercial or industrial establishment, is also referred to as a management survey. When the asbestos assessment has been completed, legislation mandates that the results of the survey are made available to building inhabitants and/or occupants who have had potential contact with asbestos-containing material on the property.

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