Asbestos Assessment / Survey Kingsville

Asbestos Assessment / Survey Kingsville

Providing professional Asbestos assessments, we are your local Kingsville area Asbestos assessment / survey experts. Providing both intrusive and non-intrusive Asbestos assessments/surveys within Kingsville, Ontario and beyond, our team of Asbestos assessment experts are fully trained and certified to assist you. Buildings constructed prior to 1995 could house Asbestos containing materials so it is important to learn about the construction process of your building. Any clients or realtors assisting with a real estate transaction can also benefit to learn if there is Asbestos present within the prospective building, avoiding potentially expensive Asbestos abatement at a later date.

Asbestos Assessment / Surveys Remain Important

When asbestos-containing materials are upset, the microscopic fibres they shed can be inhaled into the lungs which can cause a number of serious health issues. With prolonged exposure scarring of the lung tissue occurs, leading to mesothelioma and/or asbestosis. This is why ensuring the interior spaces within your Kingsville location remains important prior to starting any renovations or demolition projects.

Expert Intrusive Asbestos Assessments for Kingsville

If development that could possibly impact asbestos-containing materials or other designated substances is being completed, the building owner is then required to undertake an intrusive asbestos assessment. Able to determine is asbestos containing materials can be found within your Kingsville location, any material that could contain asbestos is sampled and analyzed as part of the ‘intrusive asbestos assessment’

Non-Intrusive Asbestos Assessment Results for Kingsville

Commonly referred to as a management survey, a ‘non-intrusive asbestos assessment’ is a legal requirement in any commercial or industrial establishment. The results from the completed asbestos assessment are mandated by legislation to be made available to building occupants and/or inhabitants who have potentially come in contact with asbestos-containing material while on the property.

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