After many years of inquiries, we have compiled a short list of the asbestos related questions we get most often!

If my home or building has asbestos, do I need to remove it?

No, you do not need to remove asbestos that is in good condition. If asbestos is damaged it should be repaired or abated. If it is anything aside from a private residence, any asbestos present needs to be checked for condition on an annual basis and must be repaired or abated if damage is observed.

Should I be worried? Is it safe for my family to live here?

In most circumstances, cancer is not developed from a single acute asbestos exposure. Asbestosis and mesothelioma require repeated and/or high levels of asbestos exposure over a period of time to develop. Asbestos fibres build up in your lungs and your body has a difficult time expelling these fibres (particularly types other than chrysotile). As the fibres build-up, scar tissue forms around them, this is where the risk of cancer accelerates.

If I am installing a new floor, can I just place it on top of asbestos flooring?

In most cases, yes. If the asbestos flooring is firmly adhered, in good condition, and the newer flooring can be safely laid on top without concern for adhesion or leveling, new flooring can be laid directly over existing asbestos flooring.

What do I do if I notice damaged asbestos-containing materials in my home or building?

Remain calm. Asbestos is found practically everywhere in our homes, schools, even hospitals (don’t mean to scare you, but it is true). The next step is to contact a professional consultant who can safely address the situation, perform sampling (if necessary) and provide competent advice on practical next steps. If significant damage is identified (particularly on thermal insulations used on older piping systems), when possible, isolate the location(s) where the damage is present until the material can be sampled/tested for asbestos content and recommendations are provided by an expert.

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