ERMI testing for mould is a quick and easy way of testing your home for mould. One simply collects dust from a surface and sends it to a laboratory for analysis. The lab then analyzes the sample and provides a listing of which mould types were identified, and to what concentration. They also provide a comparison of your findings to that of homes across a broad geographic region. While this has its merits, there are some drawbacks.

While this method will provide you with the types of mould identified and how they compare to other homes, they cannot provide with reliable indicators of where the mould source is, if it/they are still viable (alive and growing), how to address the mould source(s), the cause of the mould source(s) or how to mitigate future fungal sources.

In our experience, many of the fungal sources impacting homes are not readily visible to the human eye until finished building materials become saturated and begin deteriorating. This can take anywhere from seconds to years, depending on the type, location and supply of water infiltration. This is why it is critical to perform a thorough, competent inspection of your home whenever you are seeking analytical data regarding your homes indoor air quality, as it relates to mould exposure. A knowledgeable consultant has a great deal of experience in locating, identifying, addressing and confirming remedial efforts have been effective. Various instruments from hygrometers, surface and penetrating moisture meters, particulate monitors, air pumps and thermal imaging are used to accurately identify moisture sources leading to fungal growth.

Suppose you brought your car to a mechanic and were advised “yup, it’s broken”… and that was it. Not what caused the damage, how to repair it, how to prevent it or what the true impact of the damage is. This is where we come in. Indoor Environmental has helped thousands of homeowners, contractors, insurance companies, school boards, hospitals, commercial building owners and industrial sites across Southern Ontario since 1996. We service Chatham-Kent, Windsor-Essex, Sarnia-Lambton and London-Middlesex. Give us a call today at 519-256-8388 or reach out to Our product is peace of mind.

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Chris Croft Technical Specialist