Mould Testing Service Leamington

At IES Consulting Group, we are here to help, with a team of professional mould testers that are fully trained and certified, working hard to measure the quantity and type of airborne mould spores that could be lurking within your Leamington location and providing fast 3-5 day or 1-2 day results. Having twenty five years experience providing expert mould testing services throughout Leamington and the surrounding area, we have seen the effects mould spores have on the reduction of indoor air quality, as it can even trigger serious health effects in susceptible individuals in just a short time.

Accurate Mould Testing

IES proudly provides professional mould testing services to Leamington, Ontario at especially affordable rates, having lower overhead than our larger competitors. When visiting your location, our mould testing specialists collect both tape lifts and bulk samples from any materials and areas that show the effects of mould growth. Once collected, the samples are tested in order to establish the type of mould present, along with the amount of mould growth found in the tested area.

Functional Test Results

We ensure our mould samples are tested fully at an accredited laboratory, providing you with the test results from your mould samples using straight-forward terms so you can fully understand the outcome of your testing. We also provide you with mould remediation recommendations for your Leamington location, ensuring you can move forward with improving the overall air quality of your building. If our test results flag mould growth issues, we are able to assist by providing a recommendations for a suitable mould removal specialist near Leamington, Ontario who will be able to professionally resolve your mould issue.

A Professional Approach To Leamington Mould Testing

We are ready to ensure your mould testing needs are taken care of. If you are local to Leamington, Ontario, phone our office and begin your mould testing plan today. 519.256.8388