Designated Substance Survey Chatham-Kent

Providing professional Designated Substance Surveys (DSS) to Chatham-Kent and beyond, IES Consulting Group is  your local expert. With over 25 years experience, we provide you with a thorough and prompt Designated Substance Survey, helping you move forward with your renovation or demolition project more efficiently.

Why Is A Designated Substance Survey (DSS) Important?

Not only does a Designated Substance Survey identify all designated substances present, it can also indicate their location, quantity, and condition. Take control of your workshop with a Designated Substance Survey, ensuring appropriate steps are taken to manage the level of exposure for individuals in or around the project area.

Accurate Designated Substance Survey Results

The Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act requires that Chatham-Kent or Ontario based project sites have a full list of designated substances that are located within their Chatham-Kent / Ontario building. Not only does the list of designated substances have to be made readily available to any individual within the vicinity, it is also required to be presented to all bidders who are at the tendering stage.

Designated substances that are in poor condition within your Chatham-Kent building have the ability to harm not only those performing work within the building, they can also cause harm to those located within the immediate area. The Province of Ontario has eleven substances that have been ‘designated’, vinyl chloride, silica, mercury, lead, isocyanates, ethylene oxide, coke oven emissions, benzene, asbestos, arsenic, and acrylonitrile. Of those 11 substances, it is important to note that four of these designated substances are most often found in building materials of homes, offices, and commercial buildings in Chatham-Kent: Silica, Mercury, Lead, and Asbestos.

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