Designated Substance Survey Amherstburg

At IES Consulting Group, we have over 25 years experience providing professional Designated Substance Surveys (DSS) to Amherstburg and beyond. We work hard to assist you, providing a thorough Designated Substance Survey to ensure your renovation or demolition project can move forward as quickly as possible

What Prompts A Designated Substance Survey (DSS)?

A Designated Substance Survey is used to identify present designated substances while detailing their quantity, condition, and even location. A Designated Substance Survey gives you the information required to take the required steps in controlling exposure levels for individuals within and around the project area.

Designated Substance Survey Education

The Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act requires that Amherstburg and any Ontario based project sites work to ensure a full list of present designated substances is compiled regarding their Amherstburg / Ontario building. This complete list of present designated substances must be provided to bidders at the tendering stage, and made easily accessible for individuals found within the vicinity.

If there are designated substances found in your Amherstburg building that are in poor condition, individuals located in the immediate area and those performing work inside of the business can face harmful exposure. Currently, eleven substances have been ‘designated’ in the Province of Ontario, arsenic, silica, asbestos, mercury, benzene, lead, acrylonitrile, vinyl chloride, coke oven emissions, isocyanates, and ethylene oxide. Importantly, the most commonly found designated substances within the building materials used in homes, offices, and commercial buildings in Amherstburg are: Lead, Asbestos, Mercury, and Silica.

Get Ready For Your Designated Substance Survey

If you are starting your project in Amherstburg or the surrounding area, let our professional designated Substance Survey experts work to simplify your life. Phone 519.256.8388 and we can start planning your Designated Substance Survey today.

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