Asbestos Sampling Service Tecumseh

IES Consulting Group is professional providers of Asbestos sampling services to the Tecumseh area. We have over 25 years of experience, allowing us to ensure our Asbestos sampling experts are trained and certified, providing thorough Asbestos sampling services to help you determine whether there is Asbestos present in the air or building materials.

Our range of Asbestos sampling in Tecumseh includes occupied air sampling during and after Asbestos abatement activities, visual inspections post abatement, Pre-abatement containment inspections, and Type 3 Aggressive air clearances.

Varied Asbestos Sampling for Tecumseh

When completing Asbestos sampling at your Tecumseh location, we ensure a wide range of materials are tested for Asbestos, including flooring, drywall, cement siding, insulation materials, roofing, and plaster. We send all of our sampled materials directly to an accredited laboratory for in-depth analysis.

Modernized Interior Asbestos Air Sampling

We want to ensure you receive accurate and detailed results, using our industry recognized air sampling equipment to efficiently sample interior air space for potential Asbestos fibres within your Tecumseh location. Your air sample results are then compared to Occupational Exposure limits and provided to you in everyday terms for full comprehension.

Why Asbestos Sampling Is Key

Microscopic fibres are found within Asbestos-containing materials, which can trigger a series of serious health issues when inhaled into the lungs, including scarring of the lung tissue, mesothelioma, and even lung cancer, which is why is remains critical to test all interior spaces of your Tecumseh location to ensure levels of airborne Asbestos remain within safe parameters.

Choose Our Asbestos Sampling Today

If your building is in the Tecumseh, Ontario area, reach out by phoning 519.256.8388 and assess your Asbestos sampling needs today.

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