Asbestos Assessment / Survey Windsor-Essex

Serving Windsor-Essex and beyond with Asbestos assessments, we proudly provide professional and prompt Asbestos assessment / surveys. We have a team of Asbestos assessment experts, fully certified and trained, skilled in providing thorough intrusive and non-intrusive Asbestos assessment / surveys in the Windsor-Essex, Ontario area and beyond. Before 1995, many buildings were constructed using Asbestos containing materials. Determining if Asbestos is present, especially if you are a realtor or a client involved in a real estate transaction, is a very important step in order to forecast whether an expensive Asbestos abatement may be required down the line.

Why Asbestos Assessment / Surveys Are Important

Microscopic fibres are released when Asbestos-containing materials are disturbed, which when inhaled, can cause a huge number of serious health concerns. With prolonged exposure, scarring can occur in lung tissue which eventually leads to mesothelioma and/or asbestosis. Ensuring all interior spaces within your Windsor-Essex area are properly assessed and surveyed before renovations or demolition begins is extremely important.

Thorough Intrusive Asbestos Assessments for Windsor-Essex

If a building owner wants to complete development that can impact asbestos-containing materials, or other designated substances, an intrusive asbestos assessment is required. All materials suspected to contain asbestos are then sampled and analyzed as a piece of an ‘intrusive asbestos assessment’, helping to determine if asbestos-containing materials are located within your Windsor-Essex location.

Professional Non-Intrusive Asbestos Assessments for Windsor-Essex

A ‘non-intrusive asbestos assessment’, sometimes referred to as a management survey, is a legal obligation that each commercial or industrial establishment is required to meet. When the asbestos assessment is completed, survey results are made available, per legislation requirements, to building occupants and/or inhabitants that may have come across asbestos-containing material on the property.

Review Your Asbestos Assessment Needs Today

If your building is in the Windsor-Essex are, our expert team is ready to assist. Just phone 519.256.8388 today to discuss your Asbestos Assessments needs.

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