Asbestos Assessment / Survey Tilbury

Providing advanced Asbestos assessment / surveys, we assist Tilbury and beyond with our professional and in-depth Asbestos assessments. With a team of Asbestos assessment experts, we are able to provide advanced intrusive and non-intrusive Asbestos assessments/surveys within Tilbury, Ontario and beyond. If you building was erected before 1995, materials containing Asbestos could have been a part of the construction and may be impacting your building. As a realtor or client with an upcoming real estate transaction, you can save yourself potential future costly Asbestos abatement by determining whether Asbestos is present.

Why Asbestos Assessment / Surveys Remain a Priority

Inhaling the microscopic fibres that are shed when Asbestos-containing materials are disturbed can cause a variety of serious health concerns. With prolonged exposure, lung tissue scarring can occur which eventually leads to mesothelioma and/or asbestosis. This is why assessing and surveying the interior spaces within your Tilbury location before renovations or demolition starts remains so important.

Complete Intrusive Asbestos Assessments for Tilbury

An intrusive asbestos assessment becomes a requirement when a building owner wants to complete development that can impact asbestos-containing materials and other designated substances. As part of the ‘intrusive asbestos assessment’, any material that may contain asbestos is sampled and analyzed to determine whether there are asbestos-containing materials located within your Tilbury location.

Tilbury Area Non-Intrusive Asbestos Assessments

Every commercial or industrial establishment has a legal obligation to complete a ‘non-intrusive asbestos assessment’, often referred to as a management survey. Legislation mandates that the results of the asbestos assessment are then made available to any building occupants and/or inhabitants who could have had contact with asbestos-containing materials on the property in question.

Address Your Asbestos Assessment Needs Today

If you are local to the Tilbury area, our professional team is here to work with you. Phone 519.256.8388 and let us review your Asbestos Assessment needs today.

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