Asbestos Assessment / Survey Lasalle

We are experienced in offering the Lasalle area Asbestos assessments, ensuring our Asbestos assessments / surveys are professional and thorough. Fully certified and trained, our team of Asbestos assessment experts provide both intrusive and non-intrusive Asbestos assessments / surveys in Lasalle, Ontario and beyond. If you have a building that was built prior to 1995, there is a chance that Asbestos containing materials were used during the construction process. If you have an upcoming real estate transaction, as a realtor or a client, determining the presence of Asbestos is key to avoiding expensive and disruptive Asbestos abatement down the line.

How an Asbestos Assessment / Survey Makes a Difference

Asbestos-containing materials pose a hazard when disturbed as the microscopic fibres they release can trigger serious health issues when inhaled. With prolonged exposure scarring can occur in lung tissue, triggering mesothelioma and/or asbestosis. This is why ensuring all interior spaces of your Lasalle location are properly assessed and surveyed before a renovation or demolition project begins remains key.

Full Service Intrusive Asbestos Assessments for Lasalle

A requirement for building owners who want to start development that could disturb asbestos-containing materials or other designated substances is the completion of an intrusive asbestos assessment. Suspected asbestos containing materials are then sampled and analyzed as part of the ‘intrusive asbestos assessment’, helping determine if asbestos is present within your Lasalle building.

Informative Non-Intrusive Asbestos Assessments for Lasalle

Often called a management survey, a ‘non-intrusive asbestos assessment” is legally required for any commercial or industrial establishment. When completed, the results of the asbestos assessment are mandated by legislation to be posted for review by any building occupants and/or inhabitants who may have had interaction with asbestos-containing material found within the property.

Consider Your Asbestos Assessment Needs Today

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